Thursday, October 08, 2009

Farewells and food

Jeanetta's memorial service was this afternoon. She was from Kentucky and a wonderful, plaintive bluegrass "I'll fly away" was sung and accompanied by a fiddle. Beautifully done and very moving. Her brother Jim gave a deeply touching eulogy.

Those were complete in themselves. For my liturgical money one could have segued into the recessional "Shower the people," and everything essential would have been said and done (at least in a non-sacramental context).

In keeping with brother Jim's exhortation I told our teenage nephew and godson that I love him and he hugged his uncles back.

May she rest in peace and rise in glory (though for her I keep preferring to say "may she dance with angels").

Since an immense crowd was likely headed to the house afterward (the church was filled to overflow seating), Bill and I sneaked off and had dinner at La Provence afterward. After dinner he went over to the house and I headed home.

We shared a really nice 2007 La Violette Côtes du Rhône Moillard. He had a house salad and I had crab cakes on mesclun. The flavor was lovely (though I would have liked a crisper sear on the outside to add to the texture).

Next he had canard à l'orange with an Israeli couscous (with cheese). The couscous was interesting (mouth feel more like a timbale of risotto) and duck divine. I had the porc ardéchois, a double pork chop on a bed of fabulous smashed potatoes with a cranberry and apple chutney. Every mouthful was terrific.

Since we were on a roll, Bill had a crême brulée: classic and perfection. I had a lemon tart that was, as I like my lemon desserts, wonderfully tart. A strawberry and caramel coulis ribboned with crême anglaise balanced it out. Did I mention all this went with a truly lovely wine?

I am feeling very mellow this evening. Exquisite food can do that.

Peace out!

--the BB

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