Wednesday, October 07, 2009

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I confess that I have been putting up more links to articles at facebook and fewer here. My apologies, sports fans. It is one reason I have posted less here. Another is that I have been on the run. Lots of socializing throughout the past weekend. Crashed very early Monday evening. Last night I had dinner with a friend and the evening was largely gone by the time I got home.

One thing you ought not to conclude would be that I am feeling less passionate about national politics and international policy. The whole health care issue remains a very big deal with me. As well it should. I was only very partially employed from 2003 through early 2008. My insurance premiums (medical, dental, life) total almost $10,000/year and my copays vary from about $1,000/year to several thousand dollars/year. I know what it is like to come a hair's breadth from losing health insurance. I have pre-existing conditions. Serious reform cannot come soon enough for me. And I am one of the lucky ones.

The dithering and dallying and general sellout of the American people in the Senate Finance Committee really riles my 'rrhoids.

No, we don't need or want any damn triggers! The health insurance industry has already demonstrated, for decades, that it has no intention to play fair or to give a damn about anyone's health so we don't need to wait any longer to see if they will start playing fair now. Not. Gonna. Happen. So, Olympia darling, will you just drink a big cup of STFU? The lives and health of the American people are too high a price to pay for your one damn vote.

The thought of Senator Baucus being allowed anywhere near a negotiating table when it's time to hammer out the final product should send us all to Capitol Hill with torches and pitchforks. Actually, with a rail and some tar and feathers. Now there's a grand old American tradition I would - in my very wicked heart - like to restore.

In spite of some faint noises, is there anyone who really believes Harry Reid is gonna grow a set at this point? Really?

Abrupt change of topic:
Creative writing has been infrequent of late so nothing much to report on the adventures of the princess and her band of warriors and warmaidens. I suspect the throne is gathering dust.

And in weather we continue to have leaves starting to fall, breezes blowing to help knock those leaves off the trees and send them scooting along the ground, and some dramatic thunder and rain early this morning. Beautiful days with sudden shifts.

Alora, amici, queste sono le notizie d'oggi.

--the BB

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