Saturday, March 20, 2010

The first day of spring - updated 2x

9:37 AM

This is the view out of my bedroom window taken just a few minutes ago. The sky is getting lighter though flakes fall steadily. Based on word of sunshine just breaking now in Corrales, the snow should cease before long. Or not. But for now it is lovely.

If you click the detail photo below to enlarge you can see pink blossoms on the peach tree to the left, my two (so far) daffodils below it, and the tulip leaves sticking up in the far lower right.

The other two trees in this photo are also peaches. The rose bush against the back wall is a piƱata rose, already putting out lots of lush new greenery. Its exuberant yellow, orange, and burgundy blossoms are always a joy.


10:09 AM
I'm fixin' to take a walk.

Just before I headed out for my walk I took these shots.

--the BB


BooCat said...

It is beautiful. Will your trees and flowers be able to withstand the cold snap and snow?

Paul said...

I think so. The sun is already out and the snow is melting. I don't think it exceeded one inch here.

it's margaret said...

Oh! Oh! Some would say snow this time of year is because you are so BAD!!!! But you won't hear it from me (--mr Bad Banned ByzBud!) Happy Spring!

Paul said...

It is now a beautiful day with sunshine and scattered clouds. I just took a nice walk. Pictures to follow.

Jane R said...

Beautiful! So Lent-y somehow with the mix of snow and growing things.

Ellie Finlay said...

Wonderful photos, Paul, just wonderful.

We had snow in Tulsa yesterday, by the way. Lots. I still haven't dug myself out yet.

Paul said...

Stay warm, Ellie. And walk carefully.

author said...

Love the shots of the snow and the plants and the other one (from your next post) reminds me of a tablet too