Saturday, April 17, 2010

Heart thread - 04/17/2010 - updated

So much to pray for these days.

Let us pray for Sunni, Parker, and Joe. From my co-worker Tammy:
Sunni is the daughter of my cousin Monte [and] is married to Joe. Sunni and Joe's baby was not due until May 31st. Sunni went into the hospital April 5th with preclampsia. She had a C-Section on April 10th.

Just got the latest report this morning. Sunni now has a strep B infection and is running a temp of 101 and is still really swollen. She also has a blood disease (TTP) and the antibodies are eating the platelets and not letting it build up. They are starting a plasma exchange for 5 days. I don’t understand all the details, but they will be pulling out her plasma and cleaning it and putting back in whole blood. You can look up TTP. This is on top of the HELLP Syndrome. They are still doing dialysis, but don’t know how much longer. She will stay in ICU for at least 7 – 10 more days. I called the blood bank here (Amarillo) to see if we could give blood or platelets, but they are not on the Carter System. If you or anyone you know in the Dallas area can give blood in her name it would be great, but the center has to be on the Carter System. She is at Medical Center in Dallas and it should be given in her name (Sunni Miegel).

Parker is doing ok. They took all his IV’s out last night.
Update: Please pray for my friend Lolly who is recovering from surgery on her hand and also has to take nasty meds for the next few years. (It was lovely to see her and other friends at dinner tonight.)

For the repose of the soul of Bill (a colleague of Doxy's).

For B. and his children and all who care about them.

For DF who will be running a marathon.

For Jane's father and mother who have gone through some health issues of late.

I ask your ongoing prayers for the mission and ministry of Our Saviour, South Valley, and San Gabriel, Corrales.

For those who perished in the earthquake in China, those who mourn them, and those who rebuild their lives.

For the safety of coal miners.

For JohnBear and Raven as John prepares to spend time in hospital again as part of his clinical trial.

For Mark, who continues to give me ideas for sermons. (Спасибо, Марко!)

Amid talk of a recovering economy, let us remember the unemployed.

For Jonathan and the Missus, who have just returned from vacation.

For IARCA (La Iglesia Anglicana de la Región Central de América), that has been meeting in synod.

Continued healing for Francis.

For Lindy in China, going through a breakdown in telecommunication. May she not feel isolated.

For the people of Poland who mourn and for grace in the restoration of government.

For those endangered by, or grounded by, the still-erupting Eyjafjallajokull volcano in Iceland.

For the people of Sudan following suspect elections.

For the people of Kyrgyzstan as they work their way through an overthrown government.

Please add your own intercessions and thanksgivings in the comments.

--the BB


Grandmère Mimi said...

Prayers for all. I pray for donors for Sunni and that the treatments bring her healing. How sad. I'm pleased that little Parker is OK.

Robin said...

Paul - I just heard about Sunni. I work with her and knew she went in for preclampsia but had not heard the rest till today. Thanks for posting this as I found your blog right away when searching to see if I could find where she was hospitalized. I hope to go give blood, but if you see or hear from Tammy please send her my e-mail if there is anything at all I can do for Sunni - robin at mail dot com. Sunni is one of my favorite people.

Sincerely Robin B.

susan s. said...

Prayers. I have decided to write on Lindy's wall, just so when she gets back on FB there will be more for her to read!

Paul said...

Robin, I sent your message to Tammy on Facebook. Thanks for being a friend!

Good idea, Susan.

The Cunning Runt said...

So many, many reasons to pray, and so much to be thankful for in my own life.

Thanks for being God's hand here on Earth, organizing us all as you do to send love and good wishes into His world.

Paul said...

Thanks to you, Ralph, for raising your heart to the universe on your end of the continent.

susankay said...

Prayers for all. May there be healing and lack of fear.

And I request your prayers for Asia, a much loved dog companion of my friend Terri. Terri was told earlier this week by an insensitive vet that Asia's long standing lung issues were serious and that Terri needed to schedule "a put down". Terri has been crying for a weekd and Asia is hanging in there. Pray that Asia may continue to support Terri.

Paul said...

Prayers for Terri and Asia, of course.