Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday of the Myrrh-bearing Women

At deep dawn,
the myrrh-bearing women
took sweet-smelling spices
and came unto the Lord's tomb.
And finding that which
they had not expected,
the stood piously pondering
the removal of the stone,
and said to one another:
Where are the seals of the sepulcher?
Where are Pilate's watchmen
and the secure sentry?
And and Angel, radiant as lightning,
proclaimed to the women
that whereof they were ignorant,
saying to them:
Why do ye with lamentation
seek Him that liveth and hath given life
unto the race of mortals?
Christ our God hath risen
from the dead,
since He is Almighty,
granting us all incorruption,
life, illumination, and great mercy.

--the BB

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