Sunday, April 18, 2010

Heart thread - 04/18/2010

For Tammy who has surgery on her right eye tomorrow.

For Kathy who is scheduled for surgery at the end of the month, especially that she might be relieved of pain between now and then.

For Dennis recovering from surgery. Continued healing for Mother Sandra, Bruce, Dave, Mark, and so many others.

For John returning to the hospital tomorrow to complete the first phase of his clinical trial and transition into the second phase, that he and Raven~ may be well cared for and have grace throughout the various trials of such a process.

For young Declan and his family, let us continue to offer prayer. This seven-month-old boy is fighting cancer and he and his family need our love. You may follow their story here.

For the repose of the soul of Milton Singleton who died last Wednesday. His memorial service will be at San Gabriel this Tuesday at 10 AM. His sister Joyce Smith is a faithful member of San Gabriel and we want to hold all her family in prayer as they mourn this loss.

For Clay and Harold (read the story here). For the heartless bastards who treated them so shamelessly I pray a judicial two-by-four upside the head that will send witnesses reeling and warn others far and near never to do such a thing.

--the BB

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it's margaret said...

Late night prayers for all.
And thank you for the Kyrie.