Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday of the rose-planting bear

In the category of "things left undone" we have a lavender plant and three Asiatic lilies that did not get planted today.

But I did put 57 plants in the ground in my back yard this afternoon, including all seven roses.

So here is a garden tour, starting with the lilacs blooming up above. All the photos in this post were taken this afternoon after a brief thundershower.

Angel Face rose planted last week.

China Doll rose surrounded with snapdragons, petunias, and one lone tulip.

I forget the name of this climbing rose. It is surrounded by Lemon Zest petunias (a new variety that I really like), marguerites, and sweet William.

I played with brightness and contrast on this one more than the slight adjustments I usually use so you can see features on the blog. These are Methley plums, little tiny bitty ones.

Circus rose surrounded by sweet William.

Marguerites. I think I need to get some more of these. They are so pretty.

This is a close-up of the climbing rose the name of which I cannot remember.

You will notice that though they are small there are lots and lots of peaches. I will have to thin them.

And this is an angled shot looking diagonally from the northeast toward the southwest corner of the yard. You can see most of the roses, of only partially, in this photo.

In a few more weeks it will be time to plant vegetables. They are available but I don't trust our frosts. I'm not even relaxed over my set fruit yet. We shall see.

I am enjoying this immensely and, being a greedy fellow, I will probably purchase and plant more flowers this week. For now I am about to enjoy an adult beverage and go soak in the tub. Thanks for joining the garden tour.

--the BB


Fran said...

I have not been here in awhile... ahh, to be back is sweet and good.

Paul said...

Welcome back! Big hugs!

You are one of the busiest persons I know. Glad you could swing by tonight. Love you!!!!!!

BooCat said...

I envy all of you with green thumbs. All, except for weeds, seem to keel over and die for me. I have enjoyed looking at your beautiful garden and can only imagine what it will be as it matures. Please do return at intervals over the coming months.

Paul said...

I can safely promise to do that, BooCat. I have chronicled this little yard since I started planting in spring 2007. It gives me such pleasure that I love taking pictures. Partly sharing my joy and partly showing off, I know. I have, however, had at least four trees die and no less than a dozen roses. A lot of my plantings have not worked. But I show here the photos of what did, so it is, shall we say, a very selective presentation. More will come. And I plan to plant a lot more this year too. Very intensive planting so I have color and greenery everywhere I look.