Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Plant your feet in the earth and grow

As I noted earlier tonight on Facebook, I did not even look at the roses on the way home from work. The perennials: well, they were precisely why I stopped and shopped. Columbine, coreopsis, scabiosa, spider flowers, marguerite daisies, and a few other items came home with me.

The jasmine is planted in the northwest corner now. You can smell it from fifteen feet away. For that matter, you can smell the lilacs out front every time you walk anywhere near my front porch. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.............

I am working now on the border along the north wall. I dug a trench this evening along about 40% of the area I want to plant, filled it with compost mixed with some of my sandy soil, and planted about nine species. Even that section is still rather incomplete and by the time I stopped it was getting dark and had been windy with a few raindrops. So no photos yet. Tomorrow I will dig and amend soil the rest of the way, provided I do not come home to a possible thundershower. There are many plants in the garage just waiting to be planted. I also have a few for the west wall, providing some color and substance at the base of the vines.

This, by the way, is what my back yard looked like when I moved in:

Sand and more sand. There were lots of tumbleweeds to deal with also.

Makes me appreciate more what it looks like now.

--the BB


it's margaret said...

Oh what a wonderful difference!!!

Ellie Finlay said...

My goodness, Paul. It is simply amazing what you have done.

(Hmmm. Word verification is "psyries". That ought to be a kind of flower!)