Monday, May 03, 2010

A mellow evening

I did a spot of shopping on the way home. A rake for a future yard project and three small trellises for three of the smaller roses (and I see tonight that I might need a few more - winds here being what they are), plus some ties to guide plants in the way that they should go. Also a couple more large pots - for vegetables in the summer and tulips and pansies in early spring. Some edibles as well.

When I got home I took a single-serving four-cheese pizza and sliced grape tomatoes on top plus a little chiffonade of basil and popped it all into the toaster oven. Supper was not planned to be coherent, just to use what was about. I had a small avocado drizzled with lemon juice. And Brussels sprouts in a sauce of heavy cream, dill, chicken broth, and blue cheese, heavily reduced. I accompanied this with a rosé from Provence.

Not feeling energetic, I watched The Princess and the Frog. I love the New Orleans scenery and the Cajun accent of the firefly.

Had a chat with my sister and with nephew Jay, the birthday boy. A little catch up on family gossip.

That is my wild night: une soirée chez moi.

Saturday's work in the yard was very stressful on my arthritic knees. Last night one was swollen and aching but it was back to normal this morning. My hands seem to have stopped aching. Je ne suis plus jeune, hélas.

Sadness at what we do to creation. Prayers for those who need them tonight. Contentment in my little corner of the world.

Bonne nuit, mes amis.

--the BB

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