Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Tonight's question

My BFF took me out to dinner tonight in an advance celebration of my upcoming natal festivity. We discussed cabbages and kings. I was talking about the books (that I have not been writing for months now) and he asked me if I had come to terms with living in another world.

I believe I have.

Sweet dreams.

--the BB


David said...

'come to terms with living in another world.'

now that sounds like material for yet a whole other book!

you're a wonder dear Paul!

Paul said...

Actually, it was a multi-leveled question spoken and answered in the linguistic shorthand of people who have known each other a very long time. The springboard was my comments about the fantasy series but the context was dealing with knowing we are misfits in this world. And that is OK.

When I talk of my mythic parallel world and its characters it sounds a bit as though I had been there and studied its history and dearly love the people. All of which is true on some level.