Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Catching up

Not a lot to report. Yesterday was a hellacious day at work. I came home and watered everything thoroughly. Had something to eat and shortly thereafter realized I was falling asleep at the computer and had the option of doing something more rational. So I hauled my butt across the room to bed and slept for an hour. Then I got back up and resumed reading, commenting on Facebook, and generally chilling.

For the ongoing checklist I did my Italian homework and I fired up the sewing machine to repair some pants. They had split open at the butt seam (lardo getting into the car and suddenly having to go back upstairs and change before going to work). The fabric was fine, the seam thread had simply yielded. Well, that is now sewn back up and I could wear the pants again today. Hooray. Got to bed at midnight.

Today was even more grueling than yesterday on the work front. The calls were non-stop all day long. After work I drove over to the school where my Italian class is held and ate the salami and cheese sandwich I packed in my briefcase this morning. Then I went inside for another wild two hours of Italian. As we went over our homework my suspicions were confirmed: if you set the language to Italian in a Word document spell check is very useful. I guessed a few answers wrong and had noted that Spell check preferred another answer. It was always right, as I suspected it would be. I will take credit for guessing the forms it wanted.

By the time I got home after class this evening I did not have tons of energy, so there is really nothing else to report. Quel dull! (Don't bother spell checking the franglais there.)

We shall see if tomorrow I finally tackle some more of the laundry or the pile of napkins waiting to be ironed.

Shakespeare this weekend. Much Ado about Nothing this Friday evening at the Vortex. They are doing three comedies in repertory. Should be fun. Saturday evening I finally get to meet the Bishop of New Hampshire (and worship with him preaching on Sunday).

Who said life slows down in the summer?

Buona notte, amici.

--the BB


Anonymous said...

Howdy - not sure how else to go about this than to post a comment (pardon obsolete tech skills). Searched the web for the gorgeous image of Julian you posted on your birthday last year, including the CDSP - no luck. Would love to have a good large copy of this image for personal use. Any chance you could steer me in the right direction? Lesley, p/OSH and Buddhapalian in process
P.S. Glad I found your blog!

Paul said...

Lesley, welcome. I will have to remember when I get home to see what I can do for you. At work now.

Anonymous said...
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Ellie Finlay said...

You iron napkins. I'm truly impressed.

Love the photo.