Wednesday, June 23, 2010

This and that

Clever readers! You noticed that this is not a photo of my back yard. It is, instead, a photo I took in summer of 2004 at the Rosicrucian digs in San Jose, California. There are blooming roses in the background, so I deem it summery.

In the grand scheme of things minor steps recorded here are inconsequential. Even so, recording them so very publicly gives me a nudge. It is not about accountability to a community but having a community to encourage me to be accountable to myself.

Tonight I shopped a bit on the way home and waited for the day to cool off before going out into the yard. As I was descending from the east mesa area by the airport toward the Rio Grande I could see plumes of dust rising in the air. It was very windy tonight. When I finally went out into the yard, after 7:30, it had cooled considerably and the temperature was pleasant. The gusts of wind, however, were rather robust. I gave everything a good watering and gladly returned indoors.

At the point where I could have gone to bed my feet turned, instead, to the sewing room. There I ironed half the stack of napkins. This could have been put off another night as I am not entertaining in the next few days. Truth be told, some of those napkins have been clean and sitting in the "iron me" pile for a year. In order to chip away at overdue tasks I fired up the iron. Since the ironing board is directly below the ceiling fan, this is not unpleasant. Halfway through, however, my shoulders began to ache. Ironing boards, like sinks and counters, are just not built high enough for me. So with some headway made, I am now retiring.

Overdue laundry still waits. It, and I, will survive. Saturday is mostly unbooked.

A busy weekend lies ahead. Tomorrow night is Italian class, Friday night is Much Ado About Nothing at the Vortex Theatre, Saturday the Rt Rev Gene Robinson, Bishop of New Hampshire, will be speaking in Albuquerque and I will be attending that event, sponsored by Equality New Mexico (aka EQNM). Sunday morning I will attend my "mother" church, St Michael and All Angels, where Bp Robinson will preach. That evening I will attend the bilingual Mass at St Mike's to see how they do it. (My turn to preside at it the following Sunday.)

I don't feel tired from chores but I think that schedule just wore me out a bit. Sweet dreams, y'all.

--the BB


it's margaret said...

I, too, have trouble with ironing boards.... so I sit on a stool... or even lower the board low enough that I am able to sit in a chair while ironing.... saves the knees and ankles.

Love to you.
I am proud of you.

Padre Mickey said...

My band and I were kicked out of the Rosicrucian Museum while having a band promotion photo taken with that very sphinx. Of course, I had placed sun-glasses on its face and a cigarette in its mouth and my arm over its shoulder, but, still, I think they were over-reacting.

We got back by writing a song about the Illuminati and including them in the list.

Paul said...

You were always a naughty boy, Padre.