Sunday, June 20, 2010

So, how DID the checklist go?

I got to church (barely on time) and presided and preached this morning. Lovely time with the folks at San Gabriel. Prior to that I loaded the potato salad in the ice chest with some sodas and filled it with ice. I vacuumed the passenger side of the car in case I had in-law pick-up duty, which I did not, as things turned out. I attached the bicycle rack and the bicycle. I packed a spare shirt so I would not be in clericals all day long.

I got a nap this afternoon and took a very short bike ride. My knees complained and it was hot, but the chief thing is the I DID ride it and got reacquainted with the brakes and gears. I halved boiled eggs and popped out their yolks so the chef could make deviled eggs. Oh, I got to enjoy a lovely brunch of sausage (rest in peace, Jimmie Dean) and buttermilk pancakes with butter and maple syrup. Yum. Tonight, in the moonlight, I watered half the yard.

We all partied for Fathers' Day. Nephew gave his dad a plant. My ex gave his dad a small DVD collection. We all ate and drank and visited.

What did not get done this weekend? Two or three additional loads of laundry, vacuuming, dusting, and complete watering of the yard today.

I can live with it. Still far and away the most productive weekend in I cannot tell you when.

Blessings on Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden and her new hubby Prince Daniel. Long may she reign, when her turn comes. (A little ethnic solidarity there.) I am not resuming Friday Prince Blogging but I must say that the Prince of Asturias is aging very well.

OK, you now know way too much of my life. My body is tired and aches in numerous spots, so it is time to retire.

Sweet dreams, my little muskrats.

--the BB

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