Thursday, June 24, 2010

Rambling on

Il cinghiale - the wild boar.

Italian class is fun and I find that returning to beginning Italian about twenty years after the first attempt I can retain it better. Odd, given that I am not getting younger. Perhaps I have more focus than I did then. My life is simpler.

The closest I ever came to a boar was eating pasta with boar meat as we celebrated our twentieth anniversary. It was quite a meal as that was one of many dishes we sampled.

The photo above is from two states away and seven years ago. I am just touring through older photos for summery ones.

Italian class is also sufficient for this evening. No chores tonight. The weekend will be busy.

I continue to read plenty of news and politics but don't feel like ranting about it (or lack the energy), so this has not been a very au courant spot of late.

Saturday, inshallah, I will begin harvesting and drying herbs.

Sweet dreams.

--the BB

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