Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I did not ride the bike tonight either and I have not yet started a load of laundry but I did rip out more dead plants and replace them this evening, did some pruning and dead heading, and watered the yard thoroughly.

The Methley plums look a bit riper than in this photo from last weekend, but I had not noticed that they were ripening at different speeds. When I got home tonight the wind was whipping about the yard. As I got to the section where this plum tree is I noticed four plums had fallen to the ground. They were not green but sort of purple and orange washes over yellow-green. In other words, they looked almost ripe, and they certainly were not going to get any better lying there. So I washed them off with the hose and ate three and a half of them. Tart, certainly, but also sweet, yellow flesh, fruity. I had been eating cherry tomatoes at the rate of one a day. Now the plum harvest has started. The Santa Rosa plums are not ready but I see a few more on the Methley that are almost ripe, along with many that are still quite green. With weather going into the 90s this weekend ripening may speed along.

I am scratched and my shoulder aches but I got at least one form of exercise tonight. Now, on to laundry and novel research.

Ci vediamo!

--the BB


it's margaret said...

Jealous.... nothing better than fruit hot off the tree.... nothing better.

God bless you Paul. Redeeming your garden.

Juan and I went down to our garden and I started thinning the squash and the roma tomatoes --Juan was horrified as I pulled up two and left the third more than once.... How does one explain that there are no throw away people, and then thin the garden plot?!


Paul said...

Hot off the tree, indeed. Temps are in the 90s this week so the plums were warm.

By the time I got home from Italian class tonight it was dark so I have no idea what may have fallen today but I will check in the morning before work.

There is no throwaway fruit either, it returns to the soil.