Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Working on that checklist

Two things on the checklist were MUST-DO items for this evening:

1. Catch the first Italian class. This was quite pleasant and the instructor is very personable.

2. Order prescription refills. I was going to do this a week ago and the days were fast slipping by.

Both done.

Tomorrow: back to the yard and laundry (and bicycle?).

This is not some kind of checklist punishment; I am trying to build the practice of doing things that make my life more enjoyable and more anxiety-free. Since I have lots of bad habits, mostly related to procrastination, I would like this summer to be a period of taking action toward my own greater happiness.

While killing time between work and class I stopped in Uptown and found some shirts in my size on clearance at Eddie Bauer. The shirtaholic is very happy.

Dolci sogni.

--il BB

1 comment:

Grandmère Mimi said...

You're doing well, BB. Keep up the good work.

Dolci sogni.

Mi chiamano Mimi.