Friday, August 15, 2008

Busy-genous Buddhapalian

Hi, folks.  Sorry about the lack of posts.  I flew home yesterday (hooray!).  Today I am dashing off for an eye exam for new glasses and head to Santa Fe this afternoon.  Catching the opera!  Tomorrow I have a major service done on the car in anticipation of the road trip to California in 2.5 weeks.  Tomorrow night is my daddy-in-law's birthday party and Sunday morning I preach before heading back to NOLA.  So posting will be catch-as-catch-can this weekend, but I will take the camera to Santa Fe.  Laterz!
--the BB


it's margaret said...

Travel safely --throw something in the Pacific Ocean for me (if you get close enough) --and God bless you in all the work you do.

Paul said...

Thanks, Margaret. I am not sure we will get to the ocean but I can at least hurl a pebble into the Bay for you. I am actually getting misty about the thought of seeing California again.

And I was exhilarated about driving to Santa Fe this evening. Photos to follow.