Sunday, August 10, 2008

What an asshole!

Back during the Vietnam War I displayed an American flag upside down in my dorm room as a sign of distress for our nation but I have never taken our flag lightly. When I talk about it I usually become teary within moments. I love the US flag not for jingoistic reasons but because I love what it stands for - an ideal worth caring about, an ideal worth sacrifice, an ideal we still need to grow into.

I think laws against burning a flag (which is the correct and respectful way to dispose of one that has become tattered or soiled, btw) are both noxious and stupid, not to mention needless. Actual instances of protest flag burnings on US soil are extremely rare and really don't merit that much fuss.

Having said that, I love to fly the flag and I cherish the flag. And I think Bush is an asshole.
--the BB


Padre Mickey said...

So, I guess he doesn't like Costa Ricans? I mean, 'sup wit dat?

Para mi, una bandera es una bandera.

I'm not a nationalist.

Padre Mickey said...

Can you imagine what would happen if a member of the Democratic Party behaved in such a manner? The right wing's heads would be blowing off!

Earthbound Spirit said...

Ah! I had heard "a highly placed elected official" had been so rude - but I didn't see it & haven't been paying much attention to news. A good friend posted on his blog about it, you might want to give it a read:

(BTW, I loved the photos from NOMA - any collection that includes Kwanyin is good!)