Saturday, August 16, 2008

A night at the opera (parking lot)

This first is a view of the Sandias in ABQ from the Dillards east parking lot:

And this is a shot of the Sandias while waiting for a light to change on my way out of ABQ:

The following are from the Santa Fe Opera House parking lot:

--the BB


Padre Mickey said...

Beautiful photos, padrecito.
So, why do they call las montañas "sandias"? They don't look like sandias to me. Did they grow them there? It looks more like El Tronco.

it's margaret said...

Eastern clouds are good-sometines great --but OH! western clouds.... how fabulous!!

Thank you!
(and something thrown in the bay (SF?) will be quite adequate... very good.)

FranIAm said...

Ah... lovely!

Paul said...

Padre Mickey, you need to see the Sandias in certain sunsets when the light turns them almost blood red. Then they look more like sandias.

For the non-hispanohablantes out there, sandias are watermelons.

Yes, Margaret, the San Francisco Bay.