Sunday, August 10, 2008

OK, one more

Just because she's lovely.

Venus with no arms by Maillot Aristide Maillol

Update: Thanks to Jane R for reminding me how to spell the sculptor's name.
--the BB


Jane R said...

That looks like a Maillol, with an l at the end. OCICBW. Either way, she's lovely.

Paul said...

Jane, of course you are right and my brain was misfiring. Aristide Maillol. That's what I get for not checking and writing off the top of my head.

Jane R said...

I used to see his statues when I was growing up, lolling about outdoors (he has some lovely reclining ones) and always loved them, 'cause they looked like real women's bodies and we were in the era of Twiggy. Aso, they are just plain beautiful.

FranIAm said...

I love all of this art blogging... very nice Paul!

And you look good so close to love, move in a little closer! (i am commenting on all 3 posts at once!)

Grandmère Mimi said...

She has a body like a real woman. Once I had a body like hers, but no longer. Actually, I was Twiggy when Twiggy was not the style, in my teens and twenties, in the 1950s. I would have been like that woman in my thirties, and then the pounds continued to pile on. Sic transit gloria femina. I don't know if that's proper Latin, but it sounds good to me.

Paul said...

I think you are still one glorious woman, Mims.

How many of you would have guessed I have a painting of a nude woman in my living room?

Grandmère Mimi said...

Paul, thank you. You are too kind.

As to the painting, I'm not surprised. I never thought you didn't like women or women's bodies. They're marvels of God's creation, as are men's bodies.