Sunday, August 03, 2008

Dinner last night

One of the things I love about Albuquerque is that it retains a rural character. People do raise goats and chickens in the city (it may be pockets of county outside city limits, I don't know). It is a horsey area and Corrales (a city named "corrals" in Spanish) is even more so.

Last night we dined at my friend's home in Corrales.

Out in the back garden where all kinds of things are grown we see asparagus (second year, next year it can be harvested).
And corn. (And strawberries and Swiss chard and tomatoes and onions and all manner other things at various times.)
Speaking of corn, we had some very sweet and tasty red corn for dinner.
We also had some havarti and brie with crackers, shrimp remoulade, grilled pork loin that had been macerated in provençal herbs (rosemary, thyme, lavender, salt, pepper), grilled squash and red peppers, and a strawberry tart with strawbs from the garden and a lovely pastry cream in a yummy shell.

All this with good friends and lots of stimulating and fascinating conversation. Se vive bien aquí.
--the BB


Diane said...

beautiful! Beautiful country.

Jane R said...

YUM! And beautiful.


And don't be surprised if some of us pop in on you. ;-)