Sunday, August 03, 2008

I went to church this morning

Nothing very remarkable in that. But I have been sharing photos of churches in which I worship, so here goes: Saint Michael and All Angels, 601 Montaño, Albuquerque, New Mexico - my home church.

The courtyard
The doors
The bell tower
The Font
The aumbry
Our Lady
The Cross
The sanctuary

It was truly wonderful to see familiar and beloved faces. I have missed them so much (been two months since I was there).
--the BB


BooCat said...

Your church is beautiful, Paul. Anyone could see why you would miss it, not to mention your church family. That would be the difficult part, being away from your family for two months.

Padre Mickey said...

Hey, how the heck do you dunk anyone in that font with all them rocks? Dat'll knock a baby out!!

A Lovely church, 'cept for that dangerous font!

Paul said...

Thanks, Boocat. And there seem to be more months to come. Such a blessing to be home for a while. I put this all out on the blog to exorcise homesickness demons.

But I should not overstress differences. We are having a huge electrical storm right now, much as I see them every afternoon in NOLA. Only this one is cooler and it is going on and on and on, lighting the entire sky with really dramatic shafts of lighting every second across the southern and western sky. Love it. The rain began during intermission of the play I saw tonight so we had the smell of freshly wet earth to refresh us between acts.

Paul said...

Mickey, they don't call it the "wild" West for nothing.

FranIAm said...

Mmmmm.... so lovely!

Jane R said...

Beautiful church. Such a Southwestern feel.

Mickey, maybe dem babies can't walk on water yet, so da rocks helps.

Or could be they are just savin' water out there in the desert.

Earthbound Spirit said...

I think the font is beautiful - most UU churches I've been in don't have one at all. Thanks for the photos of your church, Paul.

susankay said...

Paul -- Although I love my church up here in Durango, I also miss St Mike's and look forward to returning there when we move back to Albuquerque full time. Sad that Brian+ is planning to retire. These are great pictures. We also have some neat ones taken on our wedding day.

Paul said...

While retirement approaches us all, Brian is not rushing toward it. I think some folks, at the mere mention that he will some day retire, are already planning the farewell party and the interim process. A bit premature, to say the least. Deep breaths, everybody.

Grandmère Mimi said...

Beautiful church. Beautiful pictures. I don't care what Padre Mickey says. I love the font. I had to look up aumbry.