Sunday, August 03, 2008

So, he'd prefer "secret rites"? Deep-in-the-closet rites? Out of his sight, out of his mind? Well, out of his mind, yes.

Williams drew a distinction between the practice of blessing same-sex relationships as a form of “pastoral care” and authorizing a ritual for blessings.

“ As soon as there is a liturgical form it gives the impression that this has the church’s stamp on it,” he said. “There are people in the USA who would say pastoral care means public rites. I am not very happy about that.”
Ask me if I give a rat's ass about Cantuar's happiness since he doesn't give a damn about the well-being or full humanity of LGBT persons. Just saying.
--the BB


Jane R said...

"I am not very happy about that."


BooCat said...

I have not been very happy about him for quite a while now. It is funny, but the very people he is trying to appease are probably less happy with him than the rest of us.