Saturday, August 09, 2008

Can't take the pace

+Maya Pavlova noted the absence of posts lately and graciously inquired about my well-being. More bishops should be as solicitous of their flock! What a dear creature she is. (And gorgeous too! Have you seen her pics?)

Well, that fact is I have not had much energy left. Not working longer days, but - in sharp distinction with my usual mode - I have been socializing of late.

Wednesday evening Deborah, a wonderful co-worker, took her sister, daughter, and me out to dinner before working her last day on this job. We dined on tapas at Granada, a very nice restaurant on Carrollton. If you feel like more than tapas, try the lamb shank. Yummy. We split one, along with our tapas.

Last night Miss Yvette and I checked out the Lebanese restaurant right next door to Granada. She had never had middle eastern food before. I, having grown up almost an honorary Armenian, thrive on it. So we had a dining adventure there.

Today I sat with coworkers for lunch - a first. Usually I run off with a novel and eat alone as antidote to being with people all day. (Yes, as each year goes by I am more of an introvert.)

Tomorrow I have reservations at the Palace Cafe (where Mimi and I had such a lovely brunch) to celebrate Miss Yvette's birthday a few days ago - and then we plan, weather permitting, to check out the sculpture garden and the New Orleans Museum of Art in City Park.

Additionally, I have not really had a lot to say about current politics that hasn't been said, I've pretty much grumped my grump about Lambeth, and I have not felt especially insightful about anything. I have done some really good work on the work front, picking apart numbers and turning cryptic figures into something more meaningful. Feeling very good about myself for that. That particular sub-project of mine is not yet finished but I have made lots of progress. Today I worked ten hours, the standard during the week.

There are rumors of where the company I work through has considered placing me next. This includes back home in ABQ, possibly working for the Forest Service again, as I have done the last three autumns in a row. That would be way cool. I really don't want to leave this job before it is done, though I also want to be home. Since I have not even remotely approached the level of sanctity where bilocation is possible, something has to give.

And that's the news from New Orleans.

Oh, and for those who track this sort of thing, the travel lady booked me out of here before Southern Decadence could get into full swing - so I won't get to check out NOLA when it swarms with every gay man in the South for a few days. Drat.

Added excitement. Have I told y'all that my best friend and I are planning a road trip to California in early September for my grandnephew's wedding? Up the Central Valley and down the coast, seeing family, good friends and nostalgic locales. I promise to take lots of pics.
--the BB


FranIAm said...

Thanks for the update- I have missed you too!

I am glad you are out and about and having fun. I actually did think of you when I ate at a favorite restaurant in LA... It is Armenian.


And I am so glad that you will get to go to Cali!

Paul said...

Francesca, cara, parla, parla, il nome!

What is the name of the Armenian restaurant? I'd love to know.

it's margaret said...

Good for you! --and have fun with Grandmere Mimi!

many blessings.