Monday, January 19, 2009

Get out the tissues - updated

My reading of the blogs says this is one helluva weepy weekend. Tears of relief, joy, disbelief, hope, deep emotions about our nation and the world, seem to be gushing from eyes across the land (and probably around the world). I think the American electorate just gave Dr. King an incredible birthday present. I expect that before the weekend is over I may well go through two entire boxes of tissues myself. And I'm not even watching the television.

Here is a photo that I think may have been taken when the train with the Obamas and Bidens passed through. It got me started again.

Treat yourself. Go see the photos assembled by Al Rodgers at Daily Kos and savor them. Take some tissues with you.


The Rude One was not rude today and he made me cry too.

Then there's Granny Doc's testimonial of tears (I recommend reading it all):
Now, I admit, I'm a crier. Always have been. Commercials, films, books, and live theater can reduce me to goo, if the tone is right.

But, this is different. No sadness, no fear, no trace of loss or regret. Nothing but the memories of living through 7 decades of fighting so hard for a moment like this, I have been brought to an uncontrollable joy at this moment in history.


I have lived to see a brilliant, gifted, skillful, Black man just about to ascend to the Presidency.

I can't stop crying.

--the BB


Jane R said...

Mother of Acts of Hope (age 90) writes that she has been crying, and remembering her siblings who have passed, including her late brother the civil rights activist.

Diane said...

thanks for all of your edifying links.

Paul said...

You are welcome, Diane. I just borrow them from others but it is a grand time to be sharing.

David said...

Tears of joy and wonder here too in Montreal Paul, which goes to show you how hungry the world is for hope that we CAN indeed make a real difference.

Cherish every moment of this wondrous day, dear friend!

Happy, Blessed Inauguration everyone!


FranIAm said...

I cried a lot too, many tears!

My heart feels cleansed and free.