Thursday, January 22, 2009

Now the clean-up begins

Now that the two arch-criminals are gone (but not forgotten), tidbits are going to be coming out. Count on it.

Mcjoan opened with this paragraph yesterday evening:
Russell Tice, one of the NSA whistleblowers who exposed the NSA's warrantless wiretapping program, is speaking out now that the Bush administration is gone. On Countdown, Tice described, partially, the extent of the illegal wiretapping program.
She then goes on to share excerpts of the Tice interview with Olbermann and concludes:
We went into the fight over warrantless wiretapping and the FISA Amendments Act last year with far too little information. That was why we fought so hard against telco amnesty--because the legal fight against the telcos was one of the last avenues available, at the time, for finding out just what was going on with this program. With a new administration, we should have another avenue or two open up, in the form of our new Justice Department. ...

The questions we had then are now tripled: Who was targeted and why? When did this program begin? What exactly was behind the NSA's efforts to enlist Qwest in warrantless wiretaps in February, 2001--months before 9/11, and what other telcos did they approach at that time, and to what purpose? That's just scratching the surface of questions that need to be asked, and it's about fucking time we get some answers. And that the FISA Amendment Act that legalized so many of these abuses, including bulk collection of data, be repealed.


Read it all here.
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