Thursday, January 22, 2009

Now that's accountability!

We lament what we consider a bad regulatory record in China but mightn't health and other standards be better observed in our own land if learned from the Chinese?

Two are sentenced to death over toxic milk scandal
Times Online - 5 hours ago
Two men are to be executed and one of China’s top dairy company bosses will spend the rest of her life in jail after at least six babies died and 300000 fell ill after drinking infant milk powder that was deliberately tainted with an industrial ...
Little comfort in milk scandal verdicts BBC News
Death sentences given in Chinese milk scandal International Herald Tribune

Can you just imagine headlines blazoning the execution of, say, the Enron execs, or Bernie Madoff, or heckuva job Brownie?

Admit it. It's tempting. At least as a fantasy.

Folks in charge would be examining regulatory minutiae and lab reports with great interest whilst trying to save their own necks. I mean: talk about your performance review!

[Y'all know better than to come here for sweetness and light.]
--the BB

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Jane R said...

Yeah, and now I am off to Diocesan Convention. :-P It's a lovely day.

Thanks for the info and comment, though. I mean it!