Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A new day has dawned

Praise King Jesus and Holy Mother Mary! Check this out:
When government workers return to their desks tomorrow after today's holiday, they will be met with some new instructions. This afternoon, White House Chief of Staff and Assistant to the president, Rahm Emanuel issued a memorandum ordering all U.S. government agencies to stop implementing any pending rules and regulations issued by the Bush administration until the Obama administration has an opportunity to review and sign off on them.

Per the memorandum, any proposed or final regulation cannot be published until it has been approved by an agency head appointed by President Obama. The memorandum also advises extending for 60 days the date of regulations in the Federal Register that have not yet been implemented.
--From Jake Tapper's Political Punch at ABC News

That's Day One. Oh baby, this is lookin' good.

h/t to Hoffmania
--the BB

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