Wednesday, March 25, 2009

En el jardín

No pics, but I have been striving to cover the west 60% of my back yard with cedar bark mulch. It is not just about retaining moisture or keeping down weeds. My desires are two: to make it look like something other than a sandbox and to keep the sand in the yard from blowing about and covering everything. In the last four days I have put something like 17 bags of cedar bark on the ground back there. It looks nicer. For now. I hope to put at least another dozen bags down by Saturday.

Of course, I cannot keep the winds from the fields south and west of me from carrying sand into the yard. Still, I hope to keep the sand in the yard a tiny bit under control.

Hope springs eternal.

When I feel I can afford real money, another 30% of the yard gets paved and turned into patio. I need to preserve a swale that directs water away from the house and draining toward the street, so 10% might be visually improved with river rock.

--the BB

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