Sunday, March 22, 2009

Heart thread - 03/22/2009

Ian and Lisa update posted at RANTINGS:

Ian is stable, not much news right now. Still yellow, still sedated, still on the ventilator. However, he has not started to bleed into his lungs any more and he's started to absorb his naso-gastric feed a bit better. He looks very very thin, though. I'm hoping that tomorrow I can get an update from one of the doctors.
Posted on the KIRKEPISCATOID blog:

Well, today was The Last Day, as Rowan the dog would say, for Bo. Bo started to go really downhill and just did not want to get up or do anything. His folks knew it was time. He left peacefully, and in the loving arms of his folks and with his buddy Miss Zera Ruth.
Via a comment by Ann at Wounded Bird Takes Flight we get an update after Mad Priest met Grandmère Mimi yesterday:
A note from Mrs. Mad Priest!

Unfortunately MadPriest has been admitted to a high security mental health facility. The maximum permitted dosage of tranquiliser has stopped the screaming but, although fully sedated he is still shaking like a plate of jello on a washing machine during the spin cycle. He is not expected to return to the real world in the foreseeable future.

The entire British rail network has come out on strike and English heritage has publicly announced that it will never forgive the United States of America for what happened to its beautiful abbey today. Prime minister, Gordon Brown stated that he is taking back all the nice things he said about you lot the other week.

Mrs MadPriest
We assume Mimi is doing just fine and wish her a safe and happy conclusion to her travels in England. Our best wishes for Maddy and the Missus.

To the right of the incubator we see Grandma Jannita (my niece), Great Aunt Becky, and Great Grandma Opal who all visited the girls at Stanford. Daily updates on Clara and Olivia at Hoff Hoopla.

JN1034 has been in hiatus for some time. I just want to toss out some prayers for the gentlemen who so bravely have stood up for an inclusive vision of Orthodoxy. I miss their witness and want to keep them upheld by the rest of us.

Jane R had this report on her friends last Wednesday and I'm sure the prayers need to keep coming:
My friend P. is being released from hospital, just a week after his surgery. I spoke with him mid-day and he sounded well. There will be long weeks of healing, but it will be nice for him to be back in his own home, with his partner B. and their very nice dog K.
Caminante has places two huge items before us in the past week: the struggle for marriage equality in Vermont and the recent election in El Salvador.
The Senate Judiciary Committee just voted unanimously to approve a bill authorizing same-sex marriage in Vermont.


While I can't hear the press conference, it would seem as though Mauricio Funes of the FMLN has won the presidency of El Salvador.


Hard to believe that five years ago, your humble (?) Caminante translated for Mauricio Funes when we visited Canal 12 [channel 12] where he had a thoughtful, in-depth daily interview program.
We keep Kirstin in our prayers.
My head and heart are both talking to me. I'm listening, as well as I can, to both. I'm thinking and praying. I will be, for awhile.
The Cunning Runt went on a trip and when he returned he had computer troubles and was ill. I, for one, missed his posts terribly. But he's back and I give thanks. Wonderful photographs, comments, and the ever-popular food feature "dinner with TCR."

This blog stands in solidarity with the theology of a contemporary witness to truth (via Telling Secrets). Click the link to sign the petition.
The Episcopal Women’s Caucus joins with our sisters and brothers of faith around the world who stand in solidarity with Ruth Kolpack, pastoral associate since 1995 at St. Thomas the Apostle Church in Beloit, Wisconsin, who was fired earlier this month for what Madison Bishop Robert Morlino called Kolpack's "feminist views" after a 10-minute meeting with her.
Here's a shout out to Fluffy, just because.

In the words of Margaret, "G'wan. Go to church."

For the three Oakland police officers killed by a gunman and the other two gravely wounded.

For stability in Pakistan, where the chief justice was just reinstated.

For astronauts making spacewalks.

For those on the two navy vessels that collided last week in the Strait of Hormuz.

For the people of Iraq six years after our invasion and occupation.

Thanksgiving that New Mexico has eliminated the death penalty.

For President Obama and Congress that they may be given knowledge, wisdom, and prudence in facing the many challenges of this nation.

--the BB


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