Friday, March 27, 2009

Memory eternal

Courtesy of MadPriest:

This is a photograph of Ian and Lisa
taken at Lisa's birthday bash last year.

Earlier today, Lisa took the agonising, brave,
loving, beautiful and perfect decision to allow
the doctors to withdraw Ian's life support.

Ian died at 12.15 p.m.


Ian and Lisa are only in their forties. They have been married for seventeen years although they have known each other much longer. Ian is also survived by both his parents and his sister.

Lisa is surrounded by family and friends who live locally.
There is no need to worry about her being on her own.


Lisa tells me that she will not be blogging for a few days.
I expect it will be a few weeks, other than, maybe,
the occasional small update.

In paradisum deducant te angeli,
in tuo adventu
suscipiant te martyres,
et perducant te
in civitatem sanctam Jerusalem.
Chorus angelorum te suscipiat,
et cum Lazaro quondam paupere
aeternam habeas requiem.

May the angels lead you into paradise,
May the martyrs receive you
In your coming,
And may they guide you
Into the holy city, Jerusalem.
May the chorus of angels receive you
And with Lazarus once poor
May you have eternal rest.

--the BB


David said...

a tearful Amen, but Amen nonetheless

Thanks Paul


Jane R said...

I'm with David, Paul. And I've linked to this post as well as the beautiful one below.

Paul said...

Lisa's raw, honest, loving posts have touched us all deeply and her grief is shared around the globe. It is primal. Mercifully she did reach out to us all, with MP's help, and prayers and comments could weave a web of love around her and Ian. As we allow her space at this time we can be with each other in sorrow.

Lindy said...

Well done Paul. Thank you.

FranIAm said...

I've not been online much this weekend- just seeing this.

Oh my- so many prayers. I pray for Ian to rest in peace and so many prayers for Lisa who must have the most broken heart.

Göran Koch-Swahne said...

Prayers for Lisa and her brave and loving heart!