Wednesday, March 25, 2009

An image - for Margaret

The arms of the King of Druva
(c) 1972-74 by PES

Mostly what I carry in my head is geography, mythology, and the stories of families through the generations. All mixed up in love stories and war stories. Almost every tale in the chronicles is about the choice between Jesus and Caesar (figuratively, anyway).

--the BB


it's margaret said...

ohhhh I like it. Upon a field quartered, gules, and eagles head erased or, quartering on a field ermine three bezants wavy, argent and azul, a sun or. Helmet or, royal crown fleur d'lis or. Supporters a sinister crowned dragon rampant azul, winged or; dexter crowned lion rampant gules.

or something like that! Am I reading it right?

And, so, you have a book published already? What is the title?

Paul said...

Very good, Margaret. When you have argent and azure roundels they are called fountains and the dragon is, oh dear, what's the term, pourpure. I was very good at heraldry back when this was drawn but have not used the terminology since. I also allow violations in my fantasy world of the heraldic rules of our world.

No book published yet. I am getting close reading of the revision of the first two books, that constitute one large tale, and will then make a final tweak or so and try to get published.