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Heart thread - 03/04/2009 - UPDATED

We need to keep pulling for Ian, Lisa's hubby, who is gravely ill, and for frantic Lisa:
I awoke this morning at 7am when my alarm went off, and at 7:05am I phoned the hospital, because those five minutes were such a long wait I couldn't hang on any longer. They told me that Ian's urine output had stopped during the night because his kidneys had shut down and so they had put him on dialysis. Apart from that there weren't any other real changes.

I have never been so scared in my entire life. He is my soul mate, my best friend, my hero. I wouldn't be alive today if it wasn't for him, and the thought of losing him is too much to contemplate. To think that almost a month ago he was complaining of an aching leg, and that it could lead to this, is terrifying. I need him to get well, I need him home with me. I love him with all my heart and right now I don't feel I can live without him.

--Lisa's post at Rantings

And from my family front, Katie and Jeremy's babies ventured forth into the outside world today. Here is word from my sister (Jannita is Jeremy's mom):
Jannita called me at 4 a.m., the babies are coming! She just called again, they are here! One is bigger than they expect for 26 weeks and the other is smaller. She hasn't seen them yet but will call when she knows more!
Jannita is a pediatric intensive care nurse so I know they will get the best care. But this is such an early start I know they will need continued prayer.

This news came from my sister while I was off at the doc's:
Clara Elizabeth is 2 pounds Olivia Marie is 1 pound 7 oz. Getting a ride to [San Francisco] before noon. Dr. said if they were his babies, that is where he would want them.
Now we can pray for the babies by name.

This is a photo before the babies came. Katie's mom put it up on the blog and called it "Date night for Katie and Jeremy." This was the blurb:
Jeremy and Katie are staring at the four walls but enjoying each other's company. Today is 26 weeks. Hurrah! I didn't know time could move so slowly. We had a relatively calm day.

She is on a constant IV of magnesium, which is constantly being adjusted. It can really knock her socks off. She still has a good appetite but is not fond of hospital food. She is on the Jeremy diet-pizza, grilled cheese and chicken strips. We provide her with plenty of fresh fruit and salads. Her fluids are restricted so she dreams of 32 ounce big gulps. Thank you for your prayers. By the way, do you like Jeremy's chair?

Mimi has an update from Roseann:
Well, things are up and down as usual. UAMS called me at 8:30 last night and said they would not put me on the transplant list. Apparently I have too many other health issues to resolve before they will put me on the list. So, I will just keep moving forward step by step. First up is the cervical biopsy and I'm having that Tuesday. Next will be the breast biopsy and I'm really not worried about that.

Emotionally I am okay at the moment. I was a wreck after getting the phone call but Gary talked to Dr Kimball and we're just going to keep moving.

THE GOOD NEWS is my donor is compatible so far. He is still willing and will wait this out with me.

Please continue to pray for Roseann and her husband, Gary. She added:

Mimi, thanks for the encouraging note. I appreciate your posts for and about me. It helps me feel the prayers. Love & peace, Roseann

I went to bed early last night, feeling upheld and surrounded by prayer. I am off for my doppler right now.

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