Monday, March 02, 2009

Heart thread - follow-up 03/02/2009

Here is the latest on my grandnephew and his wife. Katie's mom has launched a blog where we can all follow.
Each day for Katie consists of lying around on her bed and doing the best for her twins. Jeremy continues to work and spend as much time with Katie as possible. On this journey, we have discovered what wonderful and caring friends they have. Katie and Jeremy's two families are their constant support. They have wonderful church families that are praying for them and making such a difference. The staff at Fresno Community Hospital is unbelievable, absolutely devoted to making Katie's care top priority. Saying thanks for all everyone has done seems too trivial but we love all of you. I am able to stay with Katie due to a very understanding principal and my devoted teaching partner and friend and my dear friend, who is subbing for me. Eternal gratitude is yours. Katie's best friend, Enid, helped me add to their blog spot, as I am technologically challenged.

Each day that passes is a blessing. Please pray for Katie and Jeremy and their babies. All things are possible through God.

If you are reading this you know how much Katie and Jeremy love each other and gain strength through that love. Katie is the strongest and most determined person I know and my absolute hero. Jeremy adds such a wonderful calm and peace to the situation and to her.
I also got wonderful news at work today: my coworker Stephanie's mother, also named Stephanie, got back the biopsy reports and no cancer! Thank you all for your prayers.

On my own health front, I detected symptoms of bronchitis this morning, though I felt fine. I see the doc Wednesday afternoon. By the end of today my voice deepened and I was hoarse. I skipped Russian class tonight and hat hot tomato and red pepper soup for supper. One degreee of fever (Centigrade; please don't panic, metric friends) at the moment. I will stay home tomorrow. Not feeling sorry for myself but prayers are always welcome.

--the BB


David said...

Prayers and incense offered
for Ian and Lisa and the pups
for Katie, Jeremy and the babies
for Paul lungs and butch voice



Paul said...

Thanks. The butch voice is even deeper this morning: the butch daddy of all butch daddies. That or a Russian bass (I prefer the latter).