Friday, March 06, 2009

Too convenient by half - Updated with prayers

Zimbabwe Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai's wife, Susan, was killed in a car wreck, senior officials with his party told CNN Friday.

Tsvangirai was injured along with an aide and the car's driver in the head-on collision with a large truck, according to Tsvangirai's spokesman, James Maridadi.

The extent of their injuries is not clear.
This does not bode well. I am reminded of the "accident" that took the life of Archbishop Luwum in Uganda years ago.

Pray for Mr. Tsvangirai and for the people of Zimbabwe.

Here are some prayers I found online.

Prayer for the People of Zimbabwe

We pray for the suffering people of Zimbabwe,
Forced to live amid deterioration, disease and despair.
We raise our voices on their behalf,
As truth-tellers we want to proclaim 'This is not good',
It is not how God desires our world to be.
Loving Father, look after the people of that sad but beautiful land,
Care for the little ones,
Comfort the dying ones,
And into this hour of darkness may the light of your new dawn begin to shine.

Prayer from All Africa Conference of Churches

* Pray for the church in Zimbabwe that it takes its appropriate role in responding to the needs of the people.
* Pray for the formation of a government that will ensure delivery of services to the people of Zimbabwe.
* Pray that the food supplies reach the dying people in remote Zimbabwe and that there be enough food for everybody.
* Pray that medical supplies are made available to all areas of the country and save threatened life.
* Pray that there be unity, tolerance, love and mutual respect among all Zimbabweans regardless of political differences.
* Pray that the Lord may have mercy on Zimbabwe and give enough rains for a good harvest which will result in the restoration of human dignity, respect and recognition.
* Pray that Christians worldwide may be inspired by the Spirit to remain in solidarity with the people of Zimbabwe until the end of crisis.
* Pray that the faith of Christians in Zimbabwe may be made stronger by their suffering so that in hope they retain their joy and commitment to Christ.
* Pray that the resources being extracted from Zimbabwe may benefit the whole nation including the poor rather than individuals.
* Pray that God may change the hearts of those who do not put the interests of the people but think of themselves as more important than others.
* Pray that the will of God may be done.

--the BB


Göran Koch-Swahne said...

Fishy indeed.

That his party doesn't (for now) want to say so, but blame the state of reparir (bad roads) for the trucks "inexplicable" presence in the wrong lane, is no explanation...

The word is "mugeveng" ;=)

Jane R said...

That was the second thing that occurred to me. (After "How awful.")

Göran Koch-Swahne said...

And yes (forgot) Prayers for the good people of Zimbabwe!