Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Les pido rezos por mí - updated (2x)

I already told you about my suspected bronchitis. For that I made an appointment tomorrow. But something else was going on with my body yesterday afternoon and I saw the doc today. My laryngitis is chump change (though I do sound awful).

I have phlebitis.

I got shot in the hip to knock out nasty infections and tomorrow I will have a Doppler done to see if there is a clot or not. Then blood tests and any future action.

With age I have a number of greater and lesser health concerns and there will be upcoming things (not huge, just needful) to pursue. As a simple example, I have a knee that ain't what it used to be. Who doesn't sooner or later?

I know I don't even have to ask this crowd for prayers but thought you'd like to know.

I don't want to be selfish. Let us all remember Ellie suffering the misery of shingles. It can be so awful. May she soon find relief and in the nonce be sustained by grace and shielded by angels.

From FranIAm:
I am asking for prayers please. I have a friend who is a big lurker on these pages. She has come to know and read many of you, especially those in the cyber church
crowd, although I know she is also quite fond of at least one non-churchy type. I've barely linked to all the blog she reads - she is a much better blog friend than I am, so keep that in mind.

You just don't know her yet, but you will love her.

In any case, my friend and our lurker has some medical stuff going on and has a doctor's appointment on Friday. This appointment is very anxiety provoking for her... If you could send some prayers her way, that would be most welcome and most appreciated.

Thanks kids.
For our unknown friend, prayers with love.

--the BB


susankay said...

Oh Paul -- I am so sorry. Get better, dammit. Also many prayers.

Ellie Finlay said...

Phlebitis? Oh, dear, Paul. That's very worrying. Prayers for you, for our lurker, and thanks so much for your concern for me.

Sara said...

Paul, prayers that they find no clots. That's got to be frightening.

Prayers for Fran's friend as well.

Göran Koch-Swahne said...

Prayers ascending!

Anonymous said...

Prayers from Florida!

Get well soon, Paul!

FranIAm said...

Thanks for the prayers!

And prayers for Ellie...

AND FOR YOU! What a lot you have going on over there, healthwise. Which of course brings stress, which of course is not helpful to health.

xoxoxo ((((Paul))))

it's margaret said...

Oh Yikes! You have my prayers. Please keep us posted.

Lindy said...

Paul, I am going to say a prayer for you too. May all be well.

Paul said...

Thank you one and all. I am now going to go to bed with my leg up and in a compression stocking.

Lindy said...

Dear Mr. Paul,

I love you and I hope you have some real good luck with your flea bites problem. Getting my ears rubbed helps me feel better. You should try it.


Rowan the Dog
Bishop of Playing

Paul said...

Dear Bishop Rowan,

I am very fond of you and consider you one of our wisest bishops (of any species). I shall try to get my ears rubbed tomorrow; thank you for suggesting it. (I really do love it - do you think I might be just a little part dog?)

Love and woofs!