Thursday, March 05, 2009

Progress - UPDATED

Mimi asked how I was feeling, so here's the current scoop. My leg is still swollen and tender to the touch but it no longer hurts when I stand and put weight on it. My lungs and voice feel fine at the moment, though yesterday I was still rather squeaky. I am suffering cabin fever and tired of elevating my leg.

Thanks for all the love and prayers.

I also got an update from my niece on the twins:
Katie and Jeremy's twins were born yesterday. 26 weeks and 1 day, for those of you who haven't already gotten the vital stats; Clara Elizabeth born first at 4:55 weighed 2 pounds even and Olivia Marie born at 4:57 weighed 1pound 7 ounces. The babies were transferred yesterday afternoon to Stanford Medical Center where they will stay for a few weeks of growing and then hopefully back to Community for the final weeks of 'feeder-grower'. Katie is doing great and will most likely be released late this evening.
Plans now are for Tim and I to take the RV to Palo Alto as a 'rest stop' for Jeremy, Katie and the family. Jeremy and Katie will spend the night at home and travel to Stanford on Friday. Katie's parents are also going to Stanford on Friday with a brief layover in Lodi.

Continue to pray for the babies and family...
You can see photos of the babies and parents (and the transport team) at Hoff Hoopla.
--the BB


Göran Koch-Swahne said...

Good to hear - and continued Prayers for the little ones and their parents!

Jane R said...

Mwah, prayers, and hugs! Gorgeous photo.