Sunday, April 26, 2009

The greening of Desert Farne

Here is a larger view of the lilac bush.

Flame seedless grapes to sweeten the summer (God willing and the Rio Grande don't rise).

Buds on the piñata rose.

Thompson seedless grapevine. It is covered with baby grapes too!

Blaze climbing rose with new buds.

Does anyone need some Greek oregano?

Looking between branches of the black Tartarian cherry.

Or perhaps you could use some cooking sage? I have lots! Two vigorous bushes like this.

And those are the highlights of this afternoon's garden tour.

--the BB


Grandmère Mimi said...

Lovely and soon to be yummy. Peel me a grape, love.

Paul said...

When the grapes are ripe, I should love to peel you one, my Dixie Diva. You do know the dangers of letting your inner tart and my outer slut get together. We won't tell GP. (He'd yawn, anyway, or just shake his head.)

Grandmère Mimi said...

Paul, you are too much. I can't outdo you in naughtiness, no matter how hard I try.

Paul said...

It would be unseemly for a grandmother to outdo me in naughtiness, but I gladly concede that you are a delightfully naughty grandmère - a lovely part of your charm!

David said...

inner tart and outer slut? sounds like a lot of wishful thinking to me ! LOL

Paul, the garden photos are wonderful. only shoots and buds here yet, however we did manage to achieve a record-breaking +28 degrees celsius here yesterday.
as a northerner i find it fascinating you're able to achieve such incredible lushness gardening in sand.


it's margaret said...

whooohooo! Grandmere and Paul!

(love the oregano)

Paul said...

I melt well below 28 Celsius, David.

As a native Californian who lived in the SF East Bay, I am guilty of not xeriscaping, though I try to resist recreating a California woodland environment. One thing I can do here is roses. They are iffy in the fog belt of the Bay Area because one is constantly trying to fend off mildew. Not a problem here. So I am taking advantage of that. I can also grow tomatoes here, which was also a challenge in the fog belt.

In California we were constantly adding organic matter to clay soil so it could sustain life. Here we add it to sand. Same principle, different raw material.

The Cunning Runt said...

Youz guyz are WAY ahead of me here in Massachusetts (though it did approach 90F today! be followed by highs in the sixties later in the week!)

Welll anyway, it's a-comin', and I'm looking forward to it!