Saturday, May 02, 2009

Under the stars

It is the second day of the Dark Month. The All Father and Great Fish of Heaven is coming to dominance in the sky. This is the first new moon following the month of mourning, the night designated by custom for the investiture of the new Lord of Ystraf. The ceremony itself must take place under the stars and it is at least a clear night, if a cold one. Members of several noble families have gathered in the capital but it is not a joyous occasion. Swearing allegiance to a prince you despise is no easy thing.

It is not so much that the plot thickens as that a rich background is now mostly in place for what will ensue.

The first paragraph above is not part of the text but a synopsis of the chapter I am writing at the moment. Alas, it is bedtime and I must lay it aside. Sigh. I lose all sense of time when I am working on these tales.

I love writing.

Sweet dreams, my silly sheep.

--the BB


it's margaret said...

Oh no! baaaaad bishops at church and a baaaaaad prince in your head!

Jane R said...

Baaaaaa... baaaa.....zzzzzzzz....

Paul said...

Not to worry, the bad prince meets a fitting end, as did his father and brother before him. It's fiction; though there is tragedy, I still get to mete out justice. (Villains are such fun to create and write about.)