Saturday, May 02, 2009

A gray day with intermittent sprinkles - oh, and wind

Today is not exactly perfect gardening weather. Still, things need to be done.

This morning (very late - I do not face mornings with energy) I went out to the yard to plant my two new clematis vines. The Warsaw Nike and Nellie Moser that I planted as bulbs (corms, whatever?) had seemingly done nothing so I was going to use their holes for the new plants. As I pulled away the thick layer of mulch, I found little stems headed toward the air and sunshine. Those were quickly recovered and I looked around for spots to dig two new holes. That is now done and my entire back fence has vines planted along it. I pulled some weeds, restored some watering wells that time and blow sand were eliminating, and watered half the yard before it begain to sprinkle.

It was only a sprinkle but I came in anyway. The wind had been gusting and I did not want to get wet. I can certainly finish watering either tomorrow morning or after work early in the week. Perhaps even this afternoon.

Four of the new bare root roses are covered in leaves and one has just begun putting out shoots. In the past week a few roses have bloomed on my Golden Showers, Climbing Blaze, and PiƱata. There should be lots of blooms by next weekend. The grapevines are lush, the trumpet vines are growing, and the potato vines are covered with white blossoms. Hooray for spring!

My ex's family is having a major gathering this weekend and I was with them last evening, hence no blogging yesterday. I will re-join them all tomorrow after church. I have another social engagement this evening and am enjoying some introvert time today.

And that's the news from Desert Farne.

--the BB

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