Sunday, April 26, 2009

I try to be reality-based in my politics; the rest of my life, not so much.

I worked out the details in my mind yesterday. Today I printed the family tree and wrote up a one-page synopsis (for myself) explaining why A is going to claim the throne but none of his near relatives will. This enables me to narrate this in a combination of action and dialogue.

Now I need to do the same for B. C and his sister D are already covered; I know where they are coming from and their characters were established in the first two books.

Sigh. Even as the days lengthen, they remain too short. I caught a stimulating presentation/discussion at church this morning, followed by a nice smoky Easter Mass. Then I came home and watered the yard. Played in my imagination (as recapped here) and now it is time to grab a bottle of nice wine and head north for dinner. One of my favorite dishes is on the menu. Life is good.

So not ready to return to work tomorrow.

--the BB

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FranIAm said...

Just coming by to say hello after an extended absence.

I am not ready for Monday either!