Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bonne fête de Bastille!

And happy 55th birthday to my niece Paula!

--the BB


David said...

July 14: Fete de la Bastile

July 13 Feast of the Anaheim Deliverance*, a.k.a. the Anaheim Pentecost
* proposed minor feast of great thanksgiving for the unfailing faithfulness and transformative passion of the Holy Spirit for Her Church


Paul said...

Great idea, David! I like it a lot. "Anaheim Deliverance" sounds rather pentecostal (in the wrong sense) to my formerly fundagelical soul, evocative of the Toronto Blessing.

The funny thing is, D025 describes where we are and actually says nothing new. But it does it perfectly and claims who we are as a Church. Which is awesome and wonderful and liberating. I am still doing a happy dance on the inside.

I propose as the Gospel of the proper the passage from Luke about many longing to see this day but not seeing it, but you have!

David said...

Sweet brother
you and I both know it is only when we are able to recognize where we truly are ( ie. come to our senses) that through God's unfailing grace we are able to open to the Holy Spirit- that's what makes D025 so very powerful, sort of a legislative version of those multicoloured t-shirts our brethern wore to the Eucharist where poor Rowan preached- 'Here I am, send me Lord'

it is my sense that through God's unfailing grace, and the good offices of the Church at Anaheim the Church is forever changed as we've collectively stepped out from under the dark clouds of threat and recriminations, and the great waves of positive embodied grace ahead- we ain't seen nohing yet Praise God!

yes, the frightened formenters will try the same/old/same/old, but we aren't there any more, Praise God.

a new day my cherished brother, and you keep dancing!