Saturday, July 18, 2009

Restorative weekends are long overdue - updated

Not sure how many items will be accomplished today.

Sleep in. Check!
Laundry. Begun. Two loads washed, dried, put away.
Harry Potter with friend Kathy. Tickets purchased - fun afternoon ahead!
Lovely time with Kathy. Enjoyed the movie though I should have skipped my diuretic today. Supper afterward at the Standard Diner. May I say their "Bulldog Burger" with New Mexico roasted green chile and cheddar is delicious? We talked about children, friendship, belief or non-belief in God, my novels, living alone and being single, movies, opera, authors, etc.

Hoovering. Badly needed but have not moved much today. Another day!
Pay more bills. Another day!
Water yard. Tomorrow.
Get overdue prayer post up. Check!
Work on novel. Maybe. Tomorrow.
Honor my introversion by not going to a church event this morning. Check!

OK, that's enough for a Saturday.

Yes, this is more of a Facebook post than blogging, but I prefer indulging my graphics here.
--the BB

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