Friday, July 17, 2009

I did not know until the last two days that these two were lovers

Life and fantasy are so full of surprises.

Two hostages in conversation, observed from a distance through magic:
"You have offered your allegiance to the princess. Were I of any other family I should have done the same, but we are on opposing sides in this struggle.”

“No, love, we are not. We are [citizens of F.] and our allegiance is to F. .... One love does not diminish another. Our hearts can contain the stars themselves if we but let them.”

I'm sparing y'all a lot of the mush. You know how love scenes can be, especially if the lovers are young.

Hey, I can't kill people in every scene, you know.

In fact, we try to work things out sensibly.
J. was a seasoned warrior with no love of slaughter. “Will you lay down your arms peaceably?” he asked.

“To be massacred?” O. responded.

“To be spared,” said J. “Cease your opposition, allow us to feed and rest one night in peace, and there need be no further fighting between us. I see no purpose in widow making, Cousin O. I seriously doubt that it appeals to you.”

There is enough death as it is.

Tonight's episode was brought to you by the number 50 (as in, these passages come from Chapter 50 of the tale).

Sweet dreams and a blessed but belated St Swithun's Day (July 15), my swooning swallows!
--the BB

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