Friday, August 21, 2009

Drought, unemployment, hunger....

I just noticed this post at Daily Kos. I am a child of the San Joaquin Valley. I ask your prayers.

We all know the State of California is in a bad situation. Among the wildfires, and budget crisis there is more trouble brewing in the Central Valley. The state has declared all of the San Joaquin Valley a disaster area due to drought. The valley is the agriculture capital of California, and with the drought at a crisis point thousands of farmers, and farm workers are finding themselves out of work. Recently, Fresno County asked our Community Food Bank to provide emergency food relief to families in 5 rural communities that were hit the hardest: Mendota, San Joaquin, Firebaugh, Selma, and Huron. $4 million worth of food was donated to help with this relief.

With all of that food, there is no reason to be turning away hungry families, but THEY ARE. Not from a lack of food, but from a lack of volunteers. If you or your friends live in or near the California Central Valley we desperately need your help.


If you can help volunteer, know someone who can volunteer, or can help recruit volunteers please contact HandsOn Central California immediately!

To Volunteer Call: (559) 237-3101 or email

For more information visit:

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Prayers ascending!