Monday, August 17, 2009

Vile and viler

Ah, torture: the one thing that can still get Dick Cheney hard.

Marcy has more information on the role of Dusty Foggo in torture and black sites. For those who follow this degrading history, she's always a good read (along with mcjoan). She concludes:
So Goss--installed at CIA to be Cheney's mole--fired the people who were trying to prevent him from promoting Foggo. The next year, Foggo was traveling with other high level CIA people to calm the torture site hosts. That same year, the torture tapes were destroyed. Then the following year, Foggo became a problem in the Cunningham aftermath. And Foggo and Goss got fired as a result. And, at the one time Goss had an opportunity to make a statement about his role in all this, he allegedly lied about knowing Foggo and all his problems (and, of course, all the skills that led people to ask him to set up the black sites in the first place).

Interesting. Very very interesting.
Priceless quote:
“It was too sensitive to be handled by headquarters,” he said in an interview. “I was proud to help my nation.”
JimWhite comments:
WTF? Too sensitive for HQ, but fine for an interview with the Times? I realize the sites are known now and shut down, but this stinks of standard misdirection. I read it as “Cheney wanted this done and HQ wouldn’t do it, so I had to.”

As Göran keeps reminding us, we need a new set of Nuremberg trials.

--the BB

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