Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Newly discovered "principles"

GOP officials John Boehner, Thaddeus McCotter, Johnny Isakson, and Chuck Grassley all voted in 2003 for a measure very similar to the one in the current House health care bill they now suggest in various ways could lead to government-encouraged euthanasia.

As Time’s Amy Sullivan reported late last night, Grassley voted for the 2003 Medicare prescription drug bill, which — ready? — provided coverage for “counseling the beneficiary with respect to end-of-life issues and care options, and advising the beneficiary regarding advanced care planning.”

The only difference between the 2003 bill and the House Dem one that’s inspired the “euthanasia” talk, Sullivan reports, is that the earlier one “applied only to terminally ill patients.”

--Greg Sargent at The Plum Line

Sort of like their horror at deficit spending after enabling Bush's tax cuts for the wealthy and throwing unaccounted for money at his Iraq fiasco so Halliburton et al. could get rich. When money is spent to save our own economy or create jobs they are suddenly outraged. Very strange.

--the BB


Göran Koch-Swahne said...

American politics seems all corrupt.

Ellie Finlay said...

That is one great graphic, Paul.

And, yes, Goran, our politics is all corrupt. Sometimes it is truly depressing to contemplate.

Grandmère Mimi said...

Jane Austen is very good at satirizing hypocrites.

I believe that I'd rather have no bill than a crap bill. The president and the Congress may be lulled into thinking that they have actually done something, if we get a crap bill.

Quick! Someone tell Obama about the bully pulpit!