Thursday, August 20, 2009

Traditions can be way cool

Granted, traditions can also become straitjackets, but they also provide rhythm and stability, identity and comfort. I am emphasizing the positive side right now.

One tradition of cooking that emerged over the years with my ex is the once-a-year raspberry and fig clafouti. Tomorrow is the designated evening. I am running off after work to enjoy a lovely meal with friends, with the clafouti for dessert. Heaven!

Julia Child's recipe for a cherry clafouti may be found here and a blackberry-lemon clafoutis here (whence I snaffled the photo above).

[The word is clafoutis in French and clafouti often in Anglophone countries, in case you were wondering.]

Bon appetit!

--the BB


it's margaret said...

oh YUM!

Raven~ said...

One of David's and my forays into cooking traditions was a pear clafouti with a hint of pomegranate ... do you think pear and berry, or pear and fig might work?

Of course, we have yet to come up with a working gluten-free clafouti crust for Mr. Bear

Paul said...

I am inclined to think pear and anything would be lovely, though one does not want to overcome the delicate flavor of pear.

Hmm, the recipe Bill uses has ground almonds and a little flour - more almond and no flour perhaps?