Monday, August 17, 2009

No blogging tomorrow night - I'm off to the opera!

My third and final opera ticket for this season is The Letter tomorrow night.
Special delivery from composer Paul Moravec and librettist Terry Teachout. A hard-boiled dame cooks up her own little Singapore fling. Her double-crossing lover gets a lethal dose of lead as a lovely parting gift. Her sap of a husband helps her get away with murder. Almost… Opera’s classic ingredients—lust, adultery, and revenge—are dished up noir style in this world premiere production. The Letter will be conducted by Patrick Summers and staged by Jonathan Kent, with scenery by Hildegard Bechtler and costumes by Tom Ford. Patricia Racette stars as the venomous Leslie Crosbie, Anthony Michaels-Moore plays her husband and James Maddalena is their ethically challenged lawyer.
You may see and hear snippets here.

I am not that big on contemporary opera but a guy's gotta broaden his horizons.

Behave while I'm away, you naughty kittens.

--the BB


Göran Koch-Swahne said...

Qué aproveche!

Jane R said...

James Maddalena! I remember him when. Nice voice!

Love this word verification: vedemp. So many possibilities. (Use it to the Pink Panther tune.)