Friday, September 18, 2009

La Cena

Shabbat shalom and l'shana tova!

Tonight I headed north for dinner chez mon BFF. Because I'm a foodie, I am going to write about food.

[Mimi, read only on a full stomack, 'k?]

I took a bottle of Jacob's Creek Reserve Shiraz 2005. We enjoyed it thorooughly.

Round 1: homegrown red and green peppers (red mild, green a bit hot), roasted and peeled; homegrown garlic, roasted; goat cheese; olive oil over all; homegrown thyme leaves; chunks of good sourdough bread on which to place the above. Yummy.

Round 2: Chicken and vegies. To wit: sauteed chicken with a sauce full of homegrown tarragon, butter, and a demi-glace base. OMG it was awesome. BFF adjudged this the best sauteed chicken he'd made in years. Served with grilled homegrown eggplant slices, homegrown tomatoes, and mozzarella slices in overlapping layers, drizzled with olive oil and chiffonade of homegrown basil, all roasted a while in the oven. Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper. The vegetables took well to the wonderful tarragon sauce. Heaven!

Round 3: Fresh ripe black figs quartered with cream poured over them.

After all this we had ginger tea.

I am spoiled. And loving it.

--the BB


Fran said...

ahhhhhhhhh- what a prescription for a sweet new year!!

shana tovah!

it's margaret said...

I am glad you are spoiled! And that sounds delicious!